Phyllis Famiglietti


“I’ve been a professional film and video editor for 35 years. I started off as a news and documentary editor at NBC, and then opened my own shop where I edited films for numerous clients including photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. Working with Bruce’s incredible imagery helped to inform a layering style that became a signature of my video work.


In addition to the moving image, I’ve been snapping stills and experimenting with photography since I was 11 years old. As the medium advanced from analog to digital I created imagery combining color and black & white photos collaged and manipulated in programs such as Photoshop.


More recently I felt a pressing need to go beyond the constraints of video and photography and so ventured into the world of collage and mixed media. The work I now produce utilizes the genres I know so well, but in a much more tactile way. I appreciate the freedom of using my hands to break free of computer screens and physically manipulate image and form. I experiment with disarrangement and disorder which for me, leads to fascinating levels of both the figure and abstraction.”



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