Famiglietti, The Statue of St Cecillia, Collage

Cadoux,  Howling

Phyllis Famiglietti

New Collages


In New Collages, Famiglietti is inspired by materials that show the marks of use and delights in unveiling the ideas hidden in her layers of collage.  Her wry sense of humor and fearless approach to societal myths are a source of great visual energy.  In Fairy Tales & Other Stories, Cadoux tackles our human penchant for creating individual myths. Her anthropomorphic and highly kinetic sculptures tell witty, beautiful stories about us all.


Oct. 4th through Oct. 28th.  Opening reception Sunday Oct. 7th,  2-5 pm.


"What I like most about working in collage is that I get to play with appearances and assumptions of consensus reality. I use a variety of materials in my work and sometimes a piece of text or my own photography will be the launching point of an investigation.  Old books and magazines, found elements from the street and ripped-off advertising posters from construction sites around the city fascinate me.  I'm inspired by the colors and textures of these weathered and worn materials, and my exploration takes the shape of re-grouping and re-framing these elements into unique and compelling relationships. I love the feeling of layers being peeled away and formerly hidden ideas and impressions revealed."




Louise Cadoux

Fairy Tales & Other Stories


"This work investigates the stories that make up our lives, the stories we invent for ourselves, and how we interpret and incorporate stories we hear into our lives."


Cadoux's work is always thought provoking, lyrical and (occasionally) disturbing in all the best ways.



Third Thursday ART TALK

Antonio Alvarez

Talks About the Conservation of Art on Paper












Alvarez in his studio


Painter Antonio Alvarez has a secret: By day he is a world renowned art conservator, focusing on the restoration of artworks on paper.  Originally trained in both art and literature, Alvarez studied oil painting and paper conservation for years with respected conservator Joe Battaglia.  In 1984, Antonio established Alvarez Conservation Services with Scott Krawitz.


The studio has built a prodigious reputation as the paper conservation studio for the specialized needs of art on paper.  In this lecture, Antonio will provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of fine art paper conservation, including a discussion of the origins of paper, how artists choose the paper they work on, problems the conservator faces in restoring art on paper and ways in which artists can work with their media for maximum archival integrity. You will get to see a number of examples of art before and after conservation treatment.


Thursday Oct. 18th 7:30 pm

Free Admission




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