Richman, Lilacinus Vitro, Archival Pigment Print, 2018


Susan Richman and Mitchell Goldberg

November 1st to 25th.


Opening Reception

Sunday, November 4th 2-5 pm.





Susan Richman: My latest work continues to expand on capturing the ephemeral state of our surroundings by photographing objects created out of ice. The fleeting nature of the melting ice adds a sense of urgency and spontaneity to an otherwise controlled still life.


This new work is in two parts: In the first, common botanical materials found on walks, such as grasses, seedpods and hydrangea petals are used. In the second, sculptures are created using shards of glass from broken bottles. The refraction and reflection of light passing through broken glass produces abstract images that explore the relationship between shape, light and color.





Mitchell Goldberg: Exploring gay male sexuality through the lens of pop culture imagery, distorted memory and vicarious nostalgia, my work encompasses collage, image transfer, and printmaking. I’m interested in male camaraderie, desire, and emotions related to body image.


My current work in collage and mixed media focuses on imagined or constructed memories of male companionship. Using images of men from vintage magazines and photos, the work features classic gay beefcake, soft gay porn, and automobiles, along with flashes of color and recycled imagery from my own work. Transparent layers of color in acrylic create depth and complexity, enhancing the sense of memory altered, distorted and rewritten through the passage of time. While the work delves into the universal experience of loneliness, it also offers hope in the form of potential intimacy and companionship.


Goldberg, Midnight Dream,Mixed Media Collage with Image transfer,2018

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