Nikkal, Blue Triangle, Diptych,  Painted Paper Collage (L) & Acrylic (R) on Panel, 24 x 32

Goldman, Cigar Buddy, Mixed Media

with Found Objects

Alvarez, Tabula Rasa. Acrylic on Canvas, Diptych, 48 x 24, 2017

Nancy Nikkal 's first Upstream solo is a vibrant mix of color, energy and elegant formality.  This month we also showcase two new artists: Antonio Alvarez and Madlyn Goldman.  Alvarez' abstractions are built by allowing the material to determine the direction.  The resulting work is both muscular and luminous with color.  Goldman's small, intensely imaginative constructed worlds are both witty and evocative.


April 26th through May 20th.  Opening reception Sunday April 29th 2-5 pm.


Nancy Egol Nikkal

Duality / Assembly


Duality/Assembly is about doubles and putting things together. Every work explores abstract geometry with triangles, circles and squares that are paintings on canvas or painted papers in collage.  Many works are diptych collages on wood panel, where two unique works in the same size but with different abstractions sit side by side like fraternal twins. I use every tool and found image source: painted papers, magazine images, text and paint.


The artist's motivation for every collage is to create order from disorder. Every painting is about relationships and the spaces we share. Every work is a personal commentary on contemporary culture, and a personal reaction to clutter, consumption, celebrity and omni-present media. Each work asks the viewer to participate in an active way and assemble new meaning. The audience is also part of the assembly.


- Nancy Egol Nikkal


Antonio Alvarez

Recent Paintings


I have been painting a long time, since childhood.


At this moment I am interested in Abstraction and experimenting with letting the medium (in this case, acrylic) behave over the surface of the canvas with a minimal degree of interference on my part.  The medium has its own character.  I let it express itself as freely as my "ego", my aesthetical consciousness, allows me.  The works are the result of a partnership: the medium becomes, in a way, my partner in the process of making paintings.


- Antonio Alvarez


Madlyn Goldman

Recent Work


Mixed media abstract collage is a perfect medium for a "collector" like me who values recycling and enjoys rummaging through flea markets and junkyards.


Using discarded teabags, old dress patterns, aged book pages or peeling wood scraps gives me great pleasure. The challenge is to combine these disassociated materials and give them new life together. I like experimenting with different mediums.... mixed media on paper as well as 3D sculptural wood assemblages.


My creative style is process oriented with shape, line, texture, and pattern providing the foundation, and each action informing and influencing the next one.  I work spontaneously and intuitively adding, subtracting and assessing until the piece comes together. Creating art is like putting a puzzle together,

and I continue to explore the endless possibilities.




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