Goldstein, Greenland 2, Watercolor on Paper, 32 x 44

Please join us at the opening reception for the Goldstein and Goldman Solo shows on Sunday Mar. 3 2-5 pm! The exhibitions run Feb. 28th through Mar. 24th.


Eleanor Goldstein Requiem


Eleanor Goldstein's new exhibit “ Requiem, ” is inspired by a recent trip to Greenland where the magnificent landscapes of ice and sky are beginning to succumb to climate change.


“The aim of this show is to honor the majestic bodies of icebergs that are predicted to disappear

by 2030 due to earth warming,” says Goldstein. “In September, I took a trip to Greenland to

explore the unique landscape there, traveling on a converted fishing boat with a small group of

artists, scientists, and crew members. It was an astonishing, breath-taking experience which I

have been chasing in my studio ever since. What took me there was a profound sense that this

beauty would soon be gone. That ice, the icebergs, the animals that relied upon them and the

people who built a rich culture within that landscape would just be history. Requiem is the

culmination of that journey for me.”


Madlyn Goldman The Family...


“The Family…. Head, Body and Soul”

My father was a saver so it is no accident that I am drawn to recycled materials. Searching for and finding these discarded objects at flea markets, junk yards and garage sales is an integral part of my process.


The challenge is to combine disparate found pieces along with my handcrafted elements

to give them new life and personality. I work spontaneously and intuitively constantly reassessing the progress of each piece. Each action informs the next until a distinct identity emerges and a character is born.I love making these quirky pieces with their playful personalities and names.

It is my hope that my “extended family”, with its gritty and whimsical flavor, will evoke a sense of delight and amusement.


Goldman, Assemblages: Lt o R: Faucet Man 29 x 9 x 9, Babs The Bookworm, 30 x 12 x 2;

Arnold, 15 x 7 x 6;

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