Giordano, Breath 6, Pulled, Layered print, 17 x 22

Maggiotto, Appropriated TV Image, silver emulsion on marble

Sparks, Processional, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48

Giordano, Maggiotto & Sparks


Enrico Giordano offers a new way of looking at his own work: images accidentally modified by a computer glitch are taken and reworked by layering, deforming or otherwise transforming.  The results are mysterious and moving.  In the east gallery, we introduce two new artists: John Maggiotto and James Sparks.  Maggiotto's photo based work explores memory and our relationship to public imagery.  Sparks' exuberant palette and elegant line are employed to re-imagine the world of Hieronymous Bosch.


May 24th through June 17th.

Opening reception May 27th 2-5 pm



Enrico Giordano

Exotic Algorithms & Other Consequences


In paintings, prints, and mixed media work, Enrico Giordano incorporates layers of materials, images, and ideas that can be anthropological, mythological, autobio-

graphical or political.


"It started badly. I thought I had lost all images of my work after the hard-drive on my computer crashed. Remarkably, and to me, magically, the hard-drive was "restored". However, to my great surprise (and ultimate delight), the image files were manipulated by exotic algorithms, resulting in startling and "unintended" mash-ups of images. In effect, these algorithms had inexplicably collaborated with me! They bisected photos of my work, and randomly inserted images, colors, and patterns; creating entirely new works of art. And ultimately, new possibilities and directions for me to explore."


                                                                 -- Enrico Giordano


John Maggiotto

Looking Back


"The work in this show is about where I came from and includes vintage work, unique pieces, photo objects as well as worked based on appropriation of television imagery.  The appropriated images series forms a collage of 360 Polaroid SX-70 film pictures of men's roles from television.This will be flanked by two silver emulsion on marble works in the same vein."


                                                                         --John Maggiotto


James Sparks

Garden of Earthly Delights


James Sparks is showing a selection of new oil paintings on canvas from his series celebrating the enigmatic and exotic imagery in Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.


"Isolated details from the three panels are re-imagined as complete compositions in themselves suggesting new insights and meaning. It is an on going dialogue about pure sensuality and innocence."


                                                                     --James Sparks










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