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Paul Greco

The Mothership Series

The Upstream Gallery
May 2 – 26, 2013

279 North Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10701
914 375-1693

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This exhibition includes new acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper paintings, artwork incorporating found objects, leaded glass and a few previously unexhibited paintings.

My first goal as a mostly abstract artist is to create beauty through line, composition, balance, texture and color.

My second goal is to open peoples minds to some of the subjects that interest me, things that they may not have delved into or have not yet considered such as Extraterrestrial life, Ancient Sumerian Hieroglyphics, Nature, Politics and Spirituality.

The highlight of the exhibition is a piece I have been working on for seven months but, it was in my mind for ten years.

"Reassembling The Mothership" was the natural progression that I moved into after finishing up my series of fifty one painted found metal objects entitled "Space Craft Fragments".

The title "Space Craft Fragments" has to do with the controversial "1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO Crash", the number of paintings I created mirrors the name of the secret US Military base known as "Groom Lake" or "Area 51".

"Reassembling The Mothership" touches on many different ideas. First it is about recycling and the use of beautiful found objects (twisted metal) that I collected from the streets of NY. The second idea has to do with the actual retrieval of unusual and unknown metal-like material that was found in the New Mexico desert by the US Military, the press release announced they had retrieved a "Flying Disc" and it was a huge story in news papers around the world ! The next day the story was changed and it was said to be "only a Weather Balloon". The first fifty one "Space Craft Fragments" paintings I made were all single pieces and individually framed. "Reassembling The Mothership" is thirty new fragments that I fitted together like a mosaic to create a single construction, that idea also relates to the Reassembling or piecing together of "Flight 800" (2001) and what must have also taken place in Roswell New Mexico.

Synchronicity plays another important role in my work especially in this particular piece.

Sometimes the fragments come to me almost magically, like the last piece I needed. We were walking along one evening in Bronxville NY. I knew I needed another metal fragment on the upper left side of "Reassembling The Mothership" but, it couldn't be too large and it needed to be sort of rectangular in shape. Any size fragments are hard enough to find but, to find a specific size and shape "Forget about it". As we walked across the street of this clean manicured little town I literally stepped on the perfect rectangular metal fragment !!!

I find that Synchronicity is happening to me more than ever, its becoming almost common place, I love to be able to recognize it and be able to work with it.




Reassembling The Mothership

"Reassembling The Mothership"
acrylic on found metal mosaic 28" x 91"  2013



acrylic on rag paper
14"x 18" 2013


Living Rust

Living Rust (Framed)
acrylic on found metal
16"x 20" 2013


Bioglyph 2

Bioglyph 2
- 2010


Galaxy Spiral 2

Galaxy Spiral 2
- 2010


Disk and Grid

Disk and Grid
- 2010



11" x 13" - 2010







































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